I have accumulated a lot of guitars and gear over the years. My main amps now are Mesa Boogie tube amps. They are pretty versatile and you can get about any tone you need out of them in my opinion.
I have a Studio 22 for smaller gigs where stage volume needs to be low. And I got a fifty watt Mesa Rectoverb combo. I still have a good ole fender twin that weighs a ton if I need it, but that is seldom thankfully!

My main electric guitars now are the trusty Gibson, Les Paul Standard, and the G and L Asat special based on the Telecaster. Leo Fender actually started G and L after Fender so those guitars have a lot of similarities. I prefer the ASAT as it is not quite as bright as Fender Telecaster with single coil pick ups and gets a slightly warmer tone in my opinion that can be a
bit easier on the ear drums.

I still have a Telecaster, but here lately I’m always grabbing the G and L over the Tele. There is a foot pedal with a direct out on it I have been using lately called the Fly Rig II from Sans Amp. I don’t really even need an amp when I play through it and it sounds pretty good when ran direct.

My main acoustic now is a Takamine cut away EF341SC. It’s never let me down so far and it’s not such an expensive guitar that I am nervous leaving it on a guitar stand in public. I use powered PA equiupment mostly these days. I have mostly Mackie powered speakers and mixing boars. I also have a couple of JBL Eon’s that sound great for acoustic shows.